Pressure Monitoring of Diesel Engine Crankcase Gases for Integrated Diagnostics

Abstract The paper presents an analysis of methods for monitoring the flow and pressure of crankcase gases, a method for measuring the pressure of crankcase gases using the built-in diagnostic system. The authors investigated the prospects, advantages and disadvantages of the method of diagnosing an engine by the flow rate and pressure of crankcase gases, […]

Study of Disorders of the Respiratory Systems Under the Influence of Atmospheric Emissions of the Metallurgical Complex

Abstract Environmental problems are becoming more acute for modern humanity with every passing year. The quality of atmospheric air is of particular concern. It is polluted by the industrial emissions, car exhaust, energy enterprises and other anthropogenic sources [1]. Atmospheric air is a vital component of the natural environment, an integral part of the environment […]

Study of the Road Surface Technologies

Abstract The work is devoted to the study of the influence of automobile roads and walkways surface conditions on the public consciousness. The formation of certain qualities in a person, and their reflection in reality were investigated. The main method of the research was the group survey, as well as the personal interview, in which […]

Information and Telecommunication Technologies in Ensuring the Right to Use the Native Language in the Digital Economy

Abstract In all four forms of administration of justice (constitutional; civil; administrative; criminal proceedings) for participants in procedural relations, it is possible to: use the native language, as well as use the services of an interpreter. However, the practice of implementing the constitutional right to judicial protection in the context of “language guarantees” is sometimes […]

Study of Combination of Polymers with Bitumen

Abstract We have considered a possibility of modifying the roofing bitumen by the developed mixed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in view of its increased resistance to atmospheric aging. We evaluated the preliminary selection of TPE composition with accordance to the time of dissolution in the bitumen melt and main physical and mechanical properties. In order to […]