Spatiotemporal Aspect of the Cluster Systems Evolution

Abstract The article investigates the processes of regional clusters evolution in the space-time continuum. On the basis of spatial-temporal analysis methodology hypothesis of a permanent process of clustering is formulated, which is mediated by the transformation of biological, social, informational, holistic spaces in timeline. Spatial and temporal characteristics of each level create the preconditions to […]

The Potential of Russian Economy and Innovative Ways of its Development

Abstract In the article the authors analyzed the trends of Russia’s integration into the world economy, explored the factors of influence that determine the position of the Russian Federation in the global economy, and considered the features of the development of foreign economic activity of Russia and its regions. Issues concerning regulation of foreign economic […]

Socio-Ecological Education of Students

Abstract In this article, we consider the results of theoretical and practical analysis of the problem of means in the system of higher professional education. These results acted as a starting point for studying the phenomenon of means in the context of the socio-ecological education of student youth. As a result, we identified the following […]

Clinical Features of Mental Disorders among Pregnant Women

Abstract A sample of 450 women with a normal pregnancy was examined using the clinical, psychopathological and psychometrical methods. Clinically outlined mental disorders with a predominance of neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders were found in 26.9% of cases. In 8.4% of cases pre-morbid (prenosological) mental disorders were detected. Psychometric examination revealed that 11.7% of pregnant […]

Clinical Structure and Comorbidity of Additive Behavior and De-pendencies in Medical Students

Abstract A high level of academic load and stress create the risk of addictive behavior and addictions in medical students as a way of stress overcoming. The purpose of our study was to verify the prevalence of addictive behavior and dependencies in medical students and their comorbidity with mental disorders for the development of approaches […]

Epistemological Models in Understanding Cultural and Civilizational Specificity

Abstract The article proposes a methodology for linking the formation-evolutionary, cultural-civilizational, ethnological, and cultural-anthropological models in understanding the changes of complicated sociocultural systems. Ethnic being is the most powerful energy source of individual and collective mythogenesis. In today’s difficult conditions, there is a need to involve cultural and anthropological epistemological models to the socio-humanitarian study, […]

Biological Markers of Pathological Aging in Diseases of Men

Abstract This article searches for biological urogenital tract markers on the urothelium hyperfunction model in systemic atherosclerosis. We revealed the main parameters of pathological aging of urogenital tract. We have obtained the data that the pathological aging of urogenital tract is characterized by a significant increase in the acetylcholine expression from 0.52 to 0.82 cu, […]

Morpho functional Parameters of Blood Lymphocytes, in the Process of Adaptation of Chickens to Lighting Regimes

Abstract The dynamics of morphometric and functional parameters of blood lymphocytes of chickens, in the process of adaptation to lighting regimes, was studied using the atomic force microscopy. It was established, that in the process of adaptation, the initial in duration of cells was replaced by an increase in their volume and surface area, the […]

The Relationship of Molecular-Genetic Markers of Chemokines with Clinical Manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease

Abstract The article presents the results of studying the relationship of polymorphic variants of chemokine genes (1931A/T CCL4, A/G CXCL11 (rs4512021), -403A/G CCL5, C/G CCL2 (rs2857657), -801G/A CXCL12) with the features of clinical manifestations of chronic glomerulonephritis. It was revealed, that the allele-801 A CXCL12 (OR = 1.85, p = 0.04) was the marker for […]