Insiders Detection in Computer Systems Based on Datamining Technique

Abstract Insider threats are among the most frequent and dangerous for modern organizations. Therefore, the problem of timely detection of internal information security incidents is relevant. Due to the fact that many of the approaches to protection against insider attacks are not effective enough, recently an approach based on identifying anomalous user behaviour has often […]

Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Rules Generating of the Objects State Determining in Uncertainty

Abstract This article solves the problem of modelling a fuzzy neural network to generate fuzzy rules and to use them for determining the state of objects in conditions of uncertainty. Traditional methods of mathematical statistics do not allow constructing adequate models of objects under the specified conditions. Therefore, at present, the solution of many problems […]

Adaptive Capabilities of Laboratory Rats Living in Conditions of Atmospheric Emissions of the Industrial Complex

Abstract Industrial enterprises, being sources of environmental pollution, directly and indirectly affect human health. In this regard, the problem of the effects of atmospheric emissions on the respiratory system and the immune system is extremely important. The task was to study the adaptive capacity of the organism of laboratory rats, which are an adequate model […]

Definitions of Criminal Assessments, Their Content and Legal Basis in Russian Criminal Science

Abstract The paper discusses various doctrinal definitions of the criminal assessment of a crime and their correspondence to the actual content of this type of law enforcement activity. Any approach to the characterization of the concept under consideration has a rational kernel. More preferred is a comprehensive assessment of the criminal law phenomenon under consideration. […]

Development of Art Criticism Competence of Future Teachers of Art Direction

Abstract Socio-cultural changes in our country lead to an increase in the role and importance of art education as a strategic resource that actively promotes the development of a person’s personality. In this regard, the requirements for future teachers of artistic direction, who are preparing to carry out their professional activities in the field of […]

Conflicts of Criminal Jurisdiction of States and Extradition Issues

Abstract The paper analyzes the issues of state jurisdictional competition, and also extradition issues. The authors consider in detail issues related to the conflict between jurisdictions, namely collisions between criminal jurisdictions, and the issues of extradition as a means of resolving collisions between criminal jurisdictions of states. Introduction The existence in international law of different […]

Problem Aspects of the Implementation of Legislation on Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in the Russian Federation

Abstract This article raises issues and addresses the problems of strengthening the integrity of the social security system and the social protection of disabled people on the basis of socio-economic, financial, economic and organizationaltechnical unity. This largely depends on the rationality of management of this industry. The theme of the implementation of legislation on social […]

The Identity of the Digital Generation of Russians: The Impact of Information and Network Resources

Abstract The analysis of the specifics of the formation of the identity of the digital generation of Russian youth is carried out in the context of the impact on it of information and network resources. Based on the results of a comprehensive sociological research conducted using qualitative and quantitative methods, it was concluded that the […]

Finding Quick Solutions For asian brides

And that means you have opted that you could possibly want to coach yourself in relation to The japanese and that means you establish as providing end goal that you just would like to obtain an Asian Lover like a girl for anyone who is during internet marketing. You have seen men that are fitted […]