Fulfillment of Requirements for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Labor Relations in the Executive Proceedings of Russia

Author Name(s): Damir Kh. Valeev, 2Juliya N. Avdonina
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The main objective of executive production consists in ensuring property and other responsibility of the debtor without which the solution of a considerable part of problems of modern Russia is impossible. In article executive production is considered as a final stage of civil and arbitration process in which the main objective of civil and procedural activity is achieved there is a restoration (protection) of the violated subjective rights and interests protected by the law. For today questions of violation in the field of the labor law become more relevant for this reason this subject for a research was chosen. In article questions posveshcheny to protection of the rights of workers are brought up and problems of system of execution of requirements about protection of the rights in the field of the labor relations in executive production of Russia are solved During writing of article the law of the Russian Federation “About executive production” was analyzed; the parties of executive production are revealed. The rights and duties of subjects of executive production are analyzed. The characteristic of a legal status of the execution creditor is given. Features of advancing by the execution creditor of expenses on execution in case of absence at the debtor of property or income on which collecting can be turned are revealed. Offers on development of executive production in Russia are formulated.


In the Russian Federation, according to the conventional principles and rules of international law and according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation [1] the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen admit and guaranteed. [1] Protection of the violated or challenged right or the interest protected by the law as civil, arbitration legal proceedings is one of effective mechanisms of realization of the rights specified in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and freedoms of the person and citizen. For due performance of acts of vessels there is also executive production as in practice often there is necessary an order of compulsory performance of acts of courts of law, arbitration courts and also acts of other bodies which at implementation of the powers established by the law, were granted the right to assign to citizens, the organizations or budgets of all levels of an obligation for transfer to other citizens, the organizations or in the corresponding budgets of money and other property or commission in their advantage of certain actions or to abstention from commission of these actions.



Executive production is one of important stages of civil process and represents the order of compulsory implementation of acts of jurisdictional bodies for disputes of property and non-property character established by the law. Performed by disputes of non-property character as in scientific literature they are less studied are the most difficult, and the legislation on executive production regulates an order of execution of executive documents of non-property character only on restoration at work, to eviction and installation, without considering other groups of the non-property relations that it in turn reduces efficiency of their execution. In this regard, authors chose this subject for a research.

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