Problem Aspects of the Implementation of Legislation on Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in the Russian Federation

Author Name(s): Julia N. Avdonina, Gulnara M. Khamitova
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This article raises issues and addresses the problems of strengthening the integrity of the social security system and the social protection of disabled people on the basis of socio-economic, financial, economic and organizationaltechnical unity. This largely depends on the rationality of management of this industry. The theme of the implementation of legislation on social protection of disabled people is relevant in our time, as social assistance and assistance to disabled people in modern Russian society is not at the proper level. Disability is not only a problem of the individual, but also of the country and society as a whole. This category of people is in dire need not only of social protection, but also in understanding the problems of strangers. These difficulties lie not only in pity, but also in human sympathy and equal treatment of them as citizens. In order to help people with disabilities in the country formed a program of social protection of persons with disabilities, laws, various international documents – agreements, acts, declarations. As a result, the quality of life of persons with disabilities is increasing day by day, and obstacles to the achievement of the benefits that are available to citizens who do not have significant health damage are removed.


The largest number of people with disabilities are disabled people of working age. Modern Russian legislation in terms of social assistance to people with disabilities is gradually approaching the laws and principles that are established in the world community. Consider the problems that people with disabilities have in the implementation of those benefits that are guaranteed by the government and are enshrined in current legislation.


In order to render social services for people with disabilities according to the established rules, the problem of an accessible environment requires an immediate solution. It is very important to draw the interest of the public, authorities and journalists to it by all means.

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