Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: Analysis of State, Prospects and Opportunities for Cooperation against the Illegal Migration and Terrorism

Abstract This paper analyzes the activities of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (formerly the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe), the largest regional organization to date, which includes 57 sovereign states. The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) was conceived as a major geopolitical project, the purpose of which […]

Fulfillment of Requirements for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Labor Relations in the Executive Proceedings of Russia

Abstract The main objective of executive production consists in ensuring property and other responsibility of the debtor without which the solution of a considerable part of problems of modern Russia is impossible. In article executive production is considered as a final stage of civil and arbitration process in which the main objective of civil and […]

Specific Aspects of Restoration as a Form of Invocation of International Responsibility of a State

Abstract Restoration is one of the most complex forms of intangible international legal responsibility. The problem lies in the absence of a generally accepted notion of restoration as an independent form of responsibility, and its primary consideration is only as a form of restitution. Even the term “restoration” is rarely used in international legal documents. […]

Development of PCR Assay for Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus and their Enterotoxins from Spoiled Food Samples

Abstract Food-borne diseases due to microbial pathogens, have become a major issue of concern as they represent serious threat to the health of millions of people world – wide. Serious outbreaks of food borne disease have been documented on every continent in the past decades, illustrating both the public health and social significance of these […]

Modernization of the Regional Economic Complex as the Strategic Factor of Import Substitution National Policy Implementation

Abstract The article considers the problems of the regional agro-industrial complex modernization as the strategic factor in the implementation of import substitution national policy as one of the priority trends for the restoration and sustainable development of regional economic complexes in the depressed republics of the North Caucasus. And this is not an accident, because […]

Inside Immediate Methods For charm date

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