Will Corporate Train on Ethics and Moral?

Author Name(s): Prof. Anant Deogaonkar, Mr. Ashish Deogaonkar, Ms. Sampada Nanoty
Author Email: eogaonkara1@rknec.edu


Will the corporate will to train on ethics and moral? The answer is the sole purpose of the article, ardently emphasizing on the strong need for training to enhance moral and ethical competencies in employees working in corporates. Contemporary era least expects employees to inherit moral and ethical values naturally unlike the people of past times. Profound association of employees with their work makes the training on ethics and morals legit imperative. This will inculcate the culture of pristine proficiencies in the performance standards of the employees. Several theories have been previously published pertaining to various training methods and principles followed by corporates all across, however the intent here is to precisely understand the present scenario of moral and ethical practices in corporates. The focus here is on the need to enhance moral and ethical competencies of corporate employees at each echelon.

Keywords Training, Ethics, Moral, Employee, Corporate


Training programs are more often conceived with the notion of, “ Break from the programmed sedentary work setup, for stress release” of the personnel. Comportment trainings are clichés to corporates nowadays, imparting training to each and every employee. The training content is a fixed set pre-programmed and most likely ushered along with prestigious, performance appraisal process. Pondering upon the impact of such trainings, is it really adding up in customizing or ameliorating the behavioral traits of the personnel? Is it contributing to the escalation of the ethical and moral conduct of the corporate employees? And surely to note whether is it up scaling the level of organizational performance excellence? Such questions and a few related ones derive the necessity to investigate and address upon the imperative need of comportment training and the methods devised for imparting. The realization of the ardent need to train, for the adoption of ethical, moral and emotional competencies has derived due to the alarming increase of corporate crimes. The highlights of the global crime scenario majorly spot the moral, ethical and emotional competency issues in the organizations. Here, take a glance over a few brief glimpses of such cases across the globe.


Will the corporate will to train on ethics and moral? Yes, the very manifestation of the excellence in performance standards, conquering pinnacle, establishing benchmarks, necessarily ought to be linked to the pinnacle of ethical and moral work practices demonstrated by the employee. Training on moral and ethics is an ardent and imperative need of the corporates to establish, foster and augment ethical work culture in the organization. The corporate crime rate needs to be seriously studied precisely and understood keenly as a cautionary siren for all the organizations. The corporates can’t really afford to ignore the need for adapting ethical conduct and hence the training entailing as well.

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