Study of Job Burnout of Employees Working in a Leading IT Company of Central India

Author Name(s): Dr. Ruchi Sao, Prof. Shravan Chandak, Dr. Amir Khan
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The purpose of this study is to identify the level of job burnout amongst the IT employees working in a leading IT company in central India. Broadly, there are three areas of job burnout namely; emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. Maslach job burnout inventory is used to measure job burnout among employees of the organization under study. Job burnout scores of respondents across employees of various gender, age-group, job-grade were calculated. Average number of hours an employee is spending in office are also considered for the study. Based on abov3e categorization, employees were grouped and relevant statistical tests were applied to check if there is any significant statistical difference in job burnout scores of the employees under study. It was found that age, job grade and number hour’s spent in office impact job burnout tendency while gender doesn’t seem to have any impact on the same.

Keywords Job Burnout, IT Employees, Maslach Job Burnout Inventory


The wear and tear that a job does to the employee is often called as job burnout. There are multiple reasons for job burnout which can be associated right from personal to the organization. It is often called as a stress arising out of job. There are so many employees who have various dreams and aspirations with respect to their careers. Job burnout can be explained further as the emotional, physical or mental tiredness or exhaustion which affects the employee and his work. The IT industry is known to have employees who have to work for hours together at the computers or laptops and have got a strenuous work schedule. They also have extended working hours if required, of course, with weekends off. But still the work schedules are going to be more hectic as they have a sitting job as well.


From the study it is evident that job burnout tendency varies with age, job grade and amount of time an employee is spending in office. However, gender of employee doesn’t seem to any impact on job burnout tendencies. However, it must be noted that this study is based on employees of single organization In IT domain in central India. Further studies can be done in organizations from other industries, organizations from other geographies and socio-cultural environment. Special care must be taken while extending findings of this study to organizations operating in different domain, geography etc.

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