Moulding the Millennial Maze

Author Name(s): Prof. Anant Deogaonkar, Mr. Prashant Deshpande, Ms. Sampada Nanoty
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The current era of millennials caters the vibrant range of the young workforce, instilled with creative versatility. Today’s youth propels the management setup to evolve a new groove by shifting from the top-down managerial pyramid to collaborative inspiration. The leaders and developers today need to set their eyes on the creative efficiencies of the emerging workforce and groom them in its appropriate accordance. Millennials demand for sovereignty in their workstyle rather than enforcement. So it is important to create and adopt anew management techniques for the congruous development and effective efficiency utilisation of 21st century millennials. Therefore, the sole aim here is the need to devise suitable management structure for the potential utility of the millennials as the young willing workforce.

Keywords Millennia, Management Structure, Collaborative Inspiration


Today’s synchronous era is bestowed upon with prodigious young workforce. Back in 2015 itself the millennials, i.e. the population aged between 19-32 approximately had surpassed the number of those of X generation composed of the age range estimated 35-50, being the largest demographic workforce. This wide range of millennial workforce on the field strongly impacts the right from the substructure to the nub of the workplace. Perhaps, it is hard to analyse and showcase the entire impact and the shifts naturally effectuated by millennials. This brings the idea of leading millennials rather than managing them. The regular set management system works on the principle of exploiting people’s skills for increasing efficiency and ultimately benefitting the business. Millennial workforce suits itself better with a leadership approach which highlights on motivating and developing people for the benefit of the team. The top-down managerial approach has surely created successful teams in the past times, but the age of millennials feeds on mentorship, professional development, coopetition and respect.



Will millennials be really able to get what they want from their work and life? Yes, the leading strategy and the circular creative collaborations instead of the top-down pyramid will fulfil both the purposes; one of the work satisfaction of the millennials and the second of the fruitful working and positive growth of an organisation abiding by its mission. Leaders are broadly turning their attention to the millennial generation whose attitude and preferences may profoundly reshape the workplaces and even the society.

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