Framework for Multimodal Interfaces in Conversation of Man with Man-Made Machine

Author Name(s): Dr. S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, Dr. Ramesh Shahabadkar
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The main motto of writing this paper is to give a detailed description about the content of how a man creates and interacts with the machine or system designed by the creative and technical ways with the intelligence of man. This detailed description consists of the knowledge of what the primary requirements are, regarding the technology available and being used and the advancement that is taking place in the various areas of work such as the architectural field, to design a system. Usually the architecture of man and man-made communication system is of two types. They are the unimodal and the multimodal.


Appropriate use of the machines had often consolidated the questioning from man. The manner of communicating that is caused by the man with the machine has run over a deep pathway. The adventure is quiet and is being processed with the construction of brand-new patterns for the technological machines that are coming along in a large number in the coming up generations which is on a fast run. The advancement in the field of communication between the man and manmade machines is not only regarding the communication, but also gives contact with various other fields including the history. Rather than the designing of formal models, a different pattern of works based on the researches being done on multivariate systematic work comparative for the invariant systematic work. And, the smart modification is being preferred compared to the ordered modification.

Man and Man-Made Communication Wording Consistently termed as the Human-Computer communication. Obeying the interfacing rules undoubtedly by materializing the upcoming development of the machines which can be fit for use for man significantly. The elementary dispute represents the important conditions which are to be taken into application for the construction of the performance and usage. The reason for the construction of system can describe the use and need i.e. what the system does for the accomplishment of its purpose. The performance of the system describes the group of steps that are to be provided to the customers. The usage of the system is defined based upon the performance i.e. depending upon the dimension and extent of its efficiency for the accomplishment of their objectives. The construction of a good man-made machine is based on the subjective and context. The major steps include the statements, virtual reality, graphical user interface which act as the different tools for the software.


The communication of man with the machine designed by man, i.e., the man-made machine is very essential segment in the arrangement of systems. The characteristics of the designed system are stated based upon the way it is shown and its functional operation during the time of work. Thus, much consideration is needed to demonstrate an improvement in the pattern of projecting. A unique way to exhilarate is to read over the ordinary approach for cooperation among the smart, flexible and the logical ways. Smart way to sort and see out a flood to enclose the modern technological ways into the surroundings to create more general and imperceptible ways at the same minute. For the communication of man with the machine is being developed from day by day around virtual reality. The present paper is to bring home the bacon with all the detailed description regarding the main content and the analysis through broad reference ballot.

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