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In this paper Split Ring Resonators are designed at two different frequencies and SRR are merged with monopole antenna designed at 3GHz. This antenna shape looks like a weapon bludgeon hence it is named as square shape bludgeon antenna. The said antenna gives four different bands in the UWB range. Both the antennas can be used for WLAN and WiMAX applications as it covers both the frequencies. The complementary Split Ring Resonators are etched at ground surface to enhance the Bandwidth of antenna, and bandwidth enhancement is achieved at higher frequency. The metamaterial property of SRR is proved in first section of paper. The fabricated antennas tested using the vector network analyzer, the measured and simulated results are in good agreement with each other.


Multiband Antenna , Split Ring Resonator Complementary Split Ring Resonator , VSWR , Radiation Pattern


As per the literature survey Metamaterials (MTMS) can be defined in various ways. Concept of metamaterial was initially introduced by the ‘Veselago’ in 1968 in his paper [1]. He defined metamaterials based on refractive index, Permittivity and permeability. As per his mathematical interpretation MTMs are defined as materials having negative permittivity and permeability. Recently many researchers are working in the same area and here some the authors defined metamaterials as, metamaterials can be synthesized by embedding artificially fabricated inclusions in a specified host medium or on a host surface [2] Electromagnetic metamaterials (MTMs) are broadly defined as artificial effectively homogeneous electromagnetic structures with unusual properties not readily available in nature [3] The concept of man-made structures known as metamaterials is discussed along with diverse applications, like stopping light and optical cloaking, The concept of split ring resonator and wire is also described [4] The concept of DPS(Double positive material, both ε and µ are positive), DNG (Double negative material, both ε and µ are negative),
ENG ( ε is negative) and MNG ( µ is negative) is given in [5]. In this paper the concept of Split Ring resonator is used to load the monopole antenna. The split ring resonator gives the negative permittivity and permeability at 4.7GHz is proved by simulating it in Electromagnetic Simulator as shown in Figure 1. At presently many researchers are working on metamaterial antennas here are some of them summarised with the techniques adopted by them. In order generate metamaterial based multiband antennas. A compact tri-band planar monopole antenna is proposed that employs reactive loading and a “defected” ground-plane structure. The reactive loading of the monopole is inspired by transmissionline based metamaterials (TL-MTM), which enables the loaded antenna to operate in two modes find applications in WiFi and WiMAX. [6] [7]


In this paper Split Ring Resonators are used to design the radiating patch of antenna. The ground plane of antenna is defected with CSRR to enhance the bandwidth of antenna. Metamaterial property of SRR is proved by showing negative permittivity at 4.7GHz. Both the antennas resonate at four different frequencies. First two band finds applications in WLAN and WiMAX applications. Finally antennas are fabricated on FR4 substrate and measured using ROHDE & SCHWARZ ZVL-Vector Network Analyzer. Measured and simulated results of antennas are in good agreement with each other.

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