An Interactive Computer Aided System for Detection and Analysis of Pulmonary TB

Author Name(s): Vinit Kumar Gunjan, Fahimuddin.Shaik , Amita Kashyap , Amit Kumar
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Nowadays Digital Image processing plays a significant part in medical Imaging systems for an early diagnosis of the problems. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnosis and treatment has been a challenge to medical as well as to research community. Forecasting at an early stage of lung situation in this problem may help the patient and medical professional to overcome the future consequences. The main objective of this work is to develop an Interactive computer aided system (CAD) for chest x-rays to assist in providing the required information for a medical expert.


pulmonary, lungs, segmentation, image Introduction Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world’s major health concerns. The preponderance of the TB burden is located in Africa, followed by the Asian countries. Of the eight million people developing TB every year, nearly two-thirds live in Asia and the Pacific region [7]. TB control efforts such as the (BCG) vaccine given to more than a quarter of a million people in South India have shown no efficacy [2]. But most of the cases are from Indian rural areas where proper health awareness campaigns and availability of medicines is rare and complicated. Chest radiography is becoming increasingly important in the fight against TB, because existing screening diagnostics such as sputum staining have become less reliable in populations with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.



In this work the Chest X-ray image has been considered for simulation.The results obtained have been analyzed with respect to the ROI (damaged part of the lungs) which has been observed obviously. This research work is primarily useful as an Interactive automatic CAD system for pulmonary Tuberculosis affected lungs. As a future scope the images resulted can be verified for statistical approaches to find image attributes which will be helpful in parametric analysis. . The end product of this research will be a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) which will be supplied to health professionals in rural areas of India to educate and create awareness.


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