Exact and Approximate Repeats in DNA Sequences using Suffix Array and Divide & Conquer

Abstract Microsatellites or Simple Sequence Repeats are short motifs, for the most part 2-8 base pairs long that are repeated numerous times in genomic DNA. Here, motifs are short, repeating patterns in DNA that have an organic capacity. These SSRs are responsible for sequence-binding locations for proteins like Transcription factor. Such groupings are extremely normal […]

DNA Sequence Decompression Using Bitmap Matrix & Wavelet Transformation in Image Processing

Abstract Genomic science is currently encountering an unstable increment of information and quick improvement of sequencing innovation. Till date, various calculations have been created for compacting genomic groupings. The vast majority of which regard genomes as one-dimensional content strings and pack them in view of word references or likelihood models. Some Compression calculations can’t pack […]

Mutation Hotspot Prediction, Structural Analysis & Stability Changes of Prion Protein Involved in Causing CJD

Abstract Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare, degenerative, invariably fatal brain disorder. It affects about one person in every one million people per year worldwide. Creutfeldt-jakob disease is the most frequently seen type of prion diseases. The study on the role of prion protein and its involvement in the occurrence of prion protein is the […]

Insilico & Insitu Analysis of Drought Resistant DREB and LEA Genes Isolated from Different Varieties of Rice (Oryza L.)

Abstract Rapid growth in human population through the world is boosting demand for corresponding increase in grain yield and there is a need to increase production 50% more by 2025.Classical approaches for plant improvement including Plant breeding have been greatly supported by novel techniques of genome sequencing, gene tagging, gene cloning, bioinformatics etc., The present […]

Relationship between Religious Attitudes and Organization- Based Self-Esteem among Executive Agencies Staff in Khash city

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between religious attitudes and organization-based self-esteem among executive agency staff in Khash city in 2015. The population of the study consisted of all 1717 government employees working in executive agencies in Khash city, of whom 355 employees were selected as the sample size. The […]

Studying the impact of electronic service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking industry (Case Study: Bank Refah Kargaran, Khuzestan)

Abstract As the first step, this study aims at examining the relationship between dimensions of service quality received and customer satisfaction, and then in the second step, it tries to examine the effects of customer satisfaction on behavioral intentions (purchase, change, and complaint intentions). The study is applied in terms of purpose, and considering method, […]

Scheduling Strategy in Fault Tolerant Time Triggered Architectures

Abstract Reliable safety critical systems are designed for fault tolerance and impose high dependability with reliability requirements. Scheduling such systems is hard in traditional event triggered systems and becomes difficult as complexity increases. Time triggered systems with timing guaranteed in task activation, avoiding the risk of missing a hard-critical deadline, overcoming the problem of time […]

Studying the effect of integrated supply chain on the financial performance of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company

Abstract The aim of this study is to study the effect of integrated supply chain on the financial performance of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company). The study is applied in terms of purpose, and regarding its nature, it is descriptive-survey of field type. Data was obtained using the supply chain and financial performance questionnaires with the […]

Artificial Neural Network Application for Contingency Ranking Based on Condition Number Incorporating IPFC

Abstract This paper investigates the effect of incorporating an IPFC on Contingency Ranking(CR). The contingencies are ranked based Condition Number (CN) of the Jacobian matrix of Newton- Raphson load flow technique. The contingency ranking was done for single transmission line outage conditions with and without incorporating IPFC. Further, the ranking was done under system load […]

A Comparative Analysis on Smart Farming Techniques using Internet of Things (IoT)

Abstract Agriculture is considered as one of the major sources in maintaining a nation’s GDP. Most of the developing countries and under developed countries are relying on cultivation to improve their economic wealth. In this modern technology era, technology can play a tremendous role in the agriculture sector. The advanced technology has the capability to […]