A Practical Approach to an Automated Accounting System Development of the Study Results of Historical and Architectural Sites of the Island of Sviyazhsk

Author Name(s): Airat G. Sitdikov, Eugenia F. Shaykhutdinova, Alexei V. Kasimov, Timur R. Azizov, Vlada V. Kugurakova
Author Email: eugen.shaykhutdinova@gmail.com


The 16th century Assumption Cathedral is a true pearl of the architectural ensemble of the island town of Sviyazhsk (Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation).

Restoration of architectural appearance of the site has been in progress for over a hundred years. This has resulted in an urgent need for systematization and accounting of restoration and research results, as well as monitoring and control of the current condition. An automation system was decided to be established in order to resolve these issues.

The following two major goals are planned to be achieved as part of development of the automation system. On the basis of the established knowledge base, a specialist is going to be able to perform a damage evaluation of the site, determine a complex of protective and salvage activities, and use the accumulated knowledge to carry out scientific research of the site.

The visualization module is going to contain models of the World Heritage Site in 2D and 3D formats with indication of sampling locations.

The monitoring of sites includes surveillance of the variations of temperature and humidity conditions in the course of time and storage of the previously obtained THC data.

The automation system is going to contain all periodical and current observations and research of the object.

Apart from the automation system, a physical sample database is planned to be established. Each sample is going to be assigned a unique number, and the data on each sample contained in the knowledge base is going to include information on the location and date of sampling, as well as the physical storage location of the sample.

Thus, the result of development of the automation system is going to consist in the establishment of a unified information system comprising few modules.


The Island of Sviyazhsk is a unique object of historical and cultural heritage (OHCH) of Russia. Natural and


geographical location of the island has always attracted the people and has always contributed to an active development of the area. In different periods of time the island was inhabited by Cheremis, Burtases, the Chuvash and Tatars [1]. In the middle of the XVI century after an unsuccessful campaign against Kazan by Tsar Ivan IV it was decided to build a fortress near Kazan [1]. The city was founded and settled at the same time in 1551. According to the chronicles, forest was felled near Uglich and walls, towers, churches and homes were built. Then they were transported on water to The Island of Sviyazhsk [1]. For four centuries Sviyazhsk was spiritual and missionary center. By the beginning of XX century 12 churches and 2 monasteries were operated on the island [1]. After the October Revolution and the Civil War the decline of the city begins. It can be explained by a number of objective reasons. Active measures for the preservation of cultural heritage of Sviyazhsk, started in 2010, made it possible to preserve the unique architectural ensemble of the city, which contributes to the active promotion and development of tourism in Russia. Since the beginning of extensive work on the preservation of the cultural heritage of the island there has been an urgent need to organize and account restoration results and research [2, 3], monitoring and control of the current state of Sviyazhsk Heritage.

To resolve these issues, it was decided to set up an automated system (AS) to perform the following tasks:

  1. Systematization and unification of research results.
  2. The development of accounting systems and storage research results systems.
  3. Development of storage systems research samples.
  4. The development of storage of archival documentary sources system.
  5. Development of an automated system for monitoring the current state.
  6. Creating the visualization system of objects heritage in the 2-D and 3-D.
  7. Historical reconstruction of heritage objects on archival documentary sources.

The system will include the results of scientific work and reports of the current state of natural sciences, biological, climatic, engineering and architectural study of three historical and cultural heritage of Sviyazhsk: Assumption Cathedral, Trinity Church and museumification of “Tatar suburb” excavation.


The given AS solves the problems for the Unification of accounting, storage, fast access to data and intuitive visualization of research results. In this regard, we find it appropriate to launch our AS for all historical and cultural heritage objects where there large-scale and complex research is conducted and there is the necessity to form complex of security rescue works.



The work is performed according to the Russian Government Program of Competitive Growth of Kazan Federal University.



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