Analysis of Pre-fabricated Residential Building Considering Earthquake Zone-II

Abstract Steel-Concrete composite construction are assembly of steel beam, concrete floors and profile sheets by achieving the shear connection with the help of mechanical shear keys. Composite structure is very famous now days as they provides structural efficiency with rapid and also provides affordable wide range of structures. In this study, composite structure and reinforced […]

Adsorption Study on DR28 Dye by Subabul Timber Waste Using Taguchi’s Laboratory Test

Abstract Here in current work, Taguchi’s laboratory test method for optimizing processing parameters have been considered to discuss most favorable level of adsorption for the removal of DR28dye using Subabul timber waste. The outcome of personage processing parameters, viz. Subabul timber waste dose, DR28dye concentration, adsorption temperature and period of contact on the chosen responsive […]

Adsorptive Removal of Direct-Red-28 Dye from Contaminated Water Using Subabool Timber Wood Waste

Abstract In the current exercise, laboratory batch tests were conceded out to inspect adsorptive removal competency of Direct-red-28 dye from the contaminated water under ideal conditions using Subabool timber wood waste as a sorbent substance. The Direct-red-28 dye effluents are considered to be awfully venomous and distress the bionetwork by disquieting the nature and by […]

Experimental Studies of Flyash and Construction Waste based Stabilized Rammed Earth Block

Abstract Paper presents the study and check suitability of available local non swelling soil, as a rammed earth construction material. As per the previous study red lateritic soil deposits are considered to be the best material for rammed earth construction. Major deposit found in central India is black cotton soil which has high swelling and […]

Plant Stand Density and Photosynthetic Activity of a Mid-season Potato Depending on Pre-plant Soil Treatment in the Middle CIS-Urals

Abstract The article presents data on the yield of medium-ripe potato varieties depending on pre-planting soil treatment in different weather conditions. The research was carried out in a farm on sod-podzolic soil with low humus content, medium acid reaction of the medium, high phosphorus and potassium content. The aim of the research is to identify […]

Rehabilitation of Patients with Geriatric Foot Syndrome in Out-patient Settings

Abstract Geriatric (senile) foot, according to various authors, is one of the most common syndromes in the elderly and senile. This geriatric syndrome is polyetiological since local factors take part in its formation – circulatory disorders in the distal extremities, osteoarthritis of the small joints of the foot, age-related decrease in skin sensitivity and other, […]

Features and Causes of Gerontological Ageism in the Provision of Medical and Social Assistance

Abstract Based on the data of the author’s sociological survey of medical and social workers, the article analyzes the prevalence of ageism in the activities of medical and social workers, its factors and prerequisites. It proves that ageism is a common phenomenon in the activities of medical and especially social workers but the discussion of […]

Computation of Groundwater Draft for Handri River Basin in Andhra Pradesh, India

Abstract In India assessment of groundwater is based on guidelines of Groundwater Estimation Committee which is formed by government of India. Groundwater assessment involves groundwater draft. For computation of groundwater draft various data is required. Data includes area, canal particulars, well particulars, depth to water level bgl (m), water bodies, area irrigated under groundwater under […]

Strategic Competency Model of Researchers of Iran’s Petroleum Research Centers

Abstract Competencies provide a solid foundation for creating compatible performance standards. In order to create a new research culture and to overcome future challenges, research managers strongly need researchers that have strategic competencies in the oil industry to be present at a global level and to obtain technologies. In this paper, the subject of designing […]