Secured Smart E-Vehicle Tracking and Calamity Detection System Using Cloud- A Review

Author Name(s): Mohammad Ausef Umair, Rutuja Kharkar, Mohammed Adil Khan, Ankur Bobade, Munmun Ghoshal, Meeta Bakuli
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A capable automobile safety arrangement is put into action for calamity detection, by means of an embedded architecture having a Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi Module and cloud. Now a day’s vehicle population is growing exponentially, so is the number of thefts and accident associated with vehicles and in most cases, the owner could retrieve his/her vehicle from the location. With more than one billion vehicles in use in the world, a smart e-vehicle tracking and calamity detection system using cloud is always a boon to the owners. The system sends a predefined message if theft and accident happens. The user can track the exact location of their vehicle with the help of Google earth on an android mobile application using GPS location identifier, The object’s present position is find out and send, along with other important parameter conveyed by vehicle delta ports via cloud server with the help of Wi-Fi module which is associated to computer or smart phone.


As India is developing rapidly, an automobile Industry is growing and there is in-crease in use of automobiles as the population of India is very high. Due to this the accidents and larceny are happening. To get reed of the current concerns we have to developing the satcom technology is simple to recognize the location of automobile. Automobile tracking technologies now are part of common person’s amenities. Now a day’s Gps is used in automobiles also previously it was only used by ships, airplanes and military. In India, generally the GPS in the automobiles is used for navigation purpose and it was only present in costly automobiles. IoT based technology is now important, with Gps and IoT we can track the vehicle in real time basis which will help to find the vehicle if stolen easily or calamity happens to it. The internet of things is a structure of interconnected computing devices, digital & mechanical machines, objects, animals or humans that are offered with unique identifiers (UIDs) & the capability to relocate data over a network with no requiring human-human or human-computer interaction, it enable all these parameters to gather & exchange data. This will directly integrate with physical worlds and computer base systems which will increase accuracy, efficiency and economic benefits. At present, not all devices are connected to internet by IoT embedded technology it can happens. This will help to communication between machines easy even they are place long from each other. The IoT technology will help to build smart Cities in which all physical aspects can be converted into digital.


The proposed method has made great utilization of the IOT and Cloud processing for the better security purpose, yet this undertaking gives assurance just as aides in recognizing the unapproved client. A secret key ensured security framework is worked for empowering the start in vehicles. The proposed framework made incredible usage of Smartphone advancement by giving prosperity and secure passing by prepared segment of the cars from being stolen. A productive and practical framework has been made with great outcomes. The earlier strategies implemented for the insurance of the cars had been exorbitant and less.

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