A Heuristic Algorithm to Find Power Efficient Pre Configured Cycles (PEP-cycles) and Resolve NP Hard Issues

Author Name(s): Prerana, Rachna Asthana, M Shukla
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Now a days ICT has powerful impact on economy and environmental conditions of the country. The principle of green networking gives idea to design a energy aware network. These networks focus on the energy reduction and consumption of unnecessary energy to save the environment. It is predicted that the global IP traffic will be approx 63.9 Exabyte’s per month in coming years .These increased bandwidth requires more bandwidth and it consumes large amount of energy and causes global warming too. To reduce this global warming effect various power saving schemes are opted by the service providers that contributes to save the environment. In this scenario we develop a heuristic to choose the power efficient pre configured cycles (PEP- cycles) from the group of all cycles to minimize the effect of NP hard problem. The developed algorithm is used to achieve fast speed protection of optical network. The main aim of the algorithm is to reduce the complexity of the optimization and to resolve the complexity problem.


The population of world is increasing day by day and as a result the demand for energy requirement also increases. Large requirement of bandwidth and too many broad band applications along with high speed is the basic need of today’s optical network scenario. The study shows that the network traffic has been growing by the annual rate of 45 percent since 2004 [1]. Such increase in traffic also concentrates in expanding the network capacity. With the fast developing scenario of power consumption in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), power-efficient solutions in telecom networks have become necessary. Optical networks, as backbone of telecom networks, are also major contributor in the overall power consumption. Massive amount of data is transmitted through the network and the small failure in network can incur huge losses of data. The deployments of large number of redundant resources are required to achieve the goal of high reliable network architecture for the backup capacity for protection. In recent years the effect of Green House Gasses (GHG) are the cause of green house effect. In atmosphere the increase in GHG increases the effect of global warming and climate change etc. As the report published by the European Union [2], It is needed to control the emission by 15%–30% before year 2020 in sake to control the global temperature increase below 2◦C. Fig 1 shows the GHG emission report of year 2016. The report shows that there was 6,511 Million Metric Tons of CO2 equivalent harmful gasses are released.


It is very important to reduce the complexity and NP hard problem of large size networks because more energy and power is required to resolve the issues of complicated networks. Therefore, we use this heuristic to reduce the complexity of the network with more number of p-cycles. And from the group of 14 p-cycle the most power efficient 6 cycle are separated that gives better results with less complexity and shorter time.

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