Study of Reduced System Models for Power System Monitoring

Abstract With increase in loads and generation the complexity and interconnection of power system are increasing. It necessitates more computational time to study the system behaviour for large power systems. During the emergency conditions like faults the computational time must be less. The network reduction techniques are useful in analysing large interconnected systems with less […]

Optimal Frequency Control of a Microgrid

Abstract The paper provides an introduction to the complex problem of controlling a Microgrid. After defining the various terms used throughout the paper, a specific problem involving the control of a linear system with a constant load is stated. Both classical methods like PI control and optimal control method of quadratic performance index were attempted […]

Dynamic Stability Enhancement in a Multimachine Power System using SVC along with a Controller

Abstract This paper presents a mathematical analysis namely linearization technique for small signal stability enhancement in multi machine power system using a FACTS device SVC. Using eigen values and participation matrix the small signal dynamic behavior of the multimachine power system is investigated. Secondly with a FACTS device SVC the same system enhanced dynamic behavior […]

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Based Maximum Torque Control of Three Phase Induction Motor

Abstract This paper manages the Maximum Torque Control of IM drives utilizing ANFIS. In modern control hypothesis, the IM is depicted by various arithmetical models, as per the engaged control technique. The proposed approaches straightforwardly direct the machine stator flux as indicated by the desirable torque, utilizing an optimal stator flux reference. In this manner, […]

An Immune Based Multi-Objective Approach To Enhance the Performance of Electrical Distribution System

Abstract An immune based approach to enhance the performance of electrical distribution system through capacitor placement is proposed in this paper. Major challenges that occur in distribution system are voltage drop and real power losses. The placement and sizing calculations of capacitor gives more insight to solve problems, which occur while maintaining voltage profiles at […]


Abstract The problem of physical object neural control with parametric uncertain is considered. The architecture to organizations of the technological process through parallel interaction of technological modules (agents) similar one-layer neural-fuzzy control is offered. On based of the Lyapunov’s direct research method of absolute stability and speed gradient method both a nonlinear algorithm of the […]

Graphical User Interface Load Flow Solution of Radial Distribution Network

Abstract The objective of design, construction and operation of distribution system is to achieve quality of supply and economy and the engineer has been encountering many difficulties of manual calculations through the sheer volume of operations required, complex networks and dynamic phenomena. To overcome the difficulty, various tools have been developed like reduced scale models, […]

A High-Gain Three Port Converter Integrated with PV/Fuel Cell/Battery Sources Designed for HEV & DC-Micro grid

Abstract This paper suggests a new high-gain three-port converter using fuel cell, battery plus stacked output designed for HEV coupled todc-micro grid. In the anticipated converter, load power can distribute flexibly among input sources. The battery charging, discharging be controlled using FC. The anticipated converter output sare in series to attain a high output voltage, […]