The Conscience of the Jury as a Basis for Delivering a Fair Verdict in Accordance with the Judicial Reform of 1864 in Russia (Historico-Juridical Research)

Abstract This article proves that the basis of a fair verdict in a jury trial is the jury’s conscience. The jury trial is the best guarantee of the rights and freedoms of a person suspect or accused, the best form of judicial process and trial. This court is the best guarantee of equality and justice. […]

Motivation of Voluntary Activity and Personal World Assumptions of the Youth

Abstract The paper presents results of research of volunteer activity motivation for young people in interrelation with world assumptions of a person. As a hypothesis of the study, it was suggested that the motivation for volunteer activity in the adolescence period is grounded on certain world assumptions and personal values. The study used the following […]

Selective Light and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Case of Infection of Wheat Sprouts with Fusarium Oxysporum

Abstract The effect of blue and red light on the growth and activity of antioxidant enzymes in winter wheat sprouts, in case of infection with Fusarium oxysporum was investigated. It was shown, that blue and red spectral regions could regulate the activity of antioxidant enzymes in nine-day wheat germs, both in normal state and when […]

Russian and International Experience of Private Partner’s Civil Guarantees in Public-Private Partnership

Abstract Public-private partnership is a new form of interaction between the subjects of civil turnover, the state and business to achieve joint goals of strategic importance for the economy. The paper is devoted to the legal experience of including in the public-private partnership (hereinafter – PPP) of civil-law guarantees of the private partner rights. The […]

Research of Organizational and Personal Factors of Professional Burnout of Personnel in a Consulting Organization

Abstract Professional burnout is a process of gradual loss of emotional, cognitive and physical energy accompanied by symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion and physical fatigue, personal standoffishness and a decrease in satisfaction level with the performance of work. There are three main groups of factors among the factors of professional burnout: personal, role and […]

Role of Advertisement in Formation of Values of Youth

Abstract Evaluation of the existing sociological, philosophical and socio-psychological concepts for studying values and value orientations allows us to identify many approaches to the interpretation of these concepts. Despite the specific features of each study conducted in modern conditions, values are regarded as one of the most important components of not only individual, but also […]