Competence and Commitment: Two Factors that Impact Performance in Organizations

Abstract Outstanding performance is a performance that follows systems according to planned criteria. However, in performance, it must have to have several standards so that efficiency increases so that the company usually runs according to what it wants. To improve employee performance, many factors have an immediate impact on it besides mastering technology and adapting […]

Lex Superior Versus Lex Inferior: Selection Between Social Norms and Applicable Legal Norms

Abstract Human life cannot separate from social norms that become a benchmark for behavior. Social norms have validity and power applicable to legal subjects. In addition to human social norms, it is also bound by legal norms, which also have validity and power applicable to legal subjects. Types of research methods used are normative legal […]

Evaluation of Human Errors Using Standardized Plan Analysis Risk among Health Provider in Clinical and Pathology Laboratories in Hospitals of Qazvin Province

Abstract Damage due to human error has different consequences in different professions. Small mistakes can lead to irreparable damages and high costs in the health care profession. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify human error using the SPAR-H in clinical and pathology laboratories in hospitals of Qazvin province. Method: This study was […]

Smart Agriculture Using IOT

Abstract Agriculture adds to a noteworthy segment of India’s Gross domestic product. Two noteworthy issues in present day agriculture are water shortage, scheduling and animals attacks on crops. These issues can be settled utilizing agriculture undertaking mechanization, which energizes exactness agriculture. Considering wealth of daylight in India, this project talks about the outline and advancement […]

Secured Smart E-Vehicle Tracking and Calamity Detection System Using Cloud- A Review

Abstract A capable automobile safety arrangement is put into action for calamity detection, by means of an embedded architecture having a Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi Module and cloud. Now a day’s vehicle population is growing exponentially, so is the number of thefts and accident associated with vehicles and in most cases, the owner could […]

Energy Efficiency Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network Using Modified DRINA

Abstract Energy efficiency is an important parameter in wireless sensor network. To optimize the energy efficiency in wireless sensor network different methods are available. We have been proposed a new approach to reduce the energy in clustering nodes using data aggregation technique. The proposed Cluster-based modified data aggregation routing in-network algorithm (M-DRINA) is implemented for […]

Experimental Study on Detection of Epilepsy

Abstract Epilepsy is a neurological disease which can be referred as a disorder of the central nervous system, considered by the loss of consciousness and seizures. Epileptic patients are subjected to epileptic seizures that cause abnormal excessive brain activity. This condition affects approximately 5% of the world’s population. Ideally, it is possible to detect and […]

Study on Spectrum Sensing Techniques

Abstract Cognitive radio is a recent emerging technology for effective use of spectrum. To provide newer opportunities in advanced wireless communication system. Spectrum sensing and security are the key issues of Cognitive Radio (CR). The main aim of Cognitive Radio (CR) is to detect unused or idle frequencies of cellular spectrum, not used by Primary […]