Abstract With today’s rapidly growing technology, especially in the computer field, which is used virtually in all segments of society, the knowledge in different fields of computers has to be come essential. Among these kinds of networks (mobile or fixed) and the internet, which has revolutionized the ways the human binge communicate. So these facilities […]

Stable Estimator (Robust) and its Application in the Stability Analysis of Micro Geodesy Nets

Abstract Movementcontrol is an important issue in engineering structures and evaluating ground deformation. Hence, micro geodesy nets are created within the case study. Thesenets include several controls and issue points which their exact situation in several APECs should be determined. Hereafter, stable points of the netshould have been determined using the existent detection methods as […]

Design a Model to Explain the Impact of the Open Business Model On Competitive Advantage in Knowledge-Based Companies of Bushehr Province

Abstract Open business is an approach to enterprise that draws on ideas from openness movements like free software, open source, open content and open tools and standards. The approach places value on transparency, stakeholder inclusion, and accountability.The main purpose of this paper is to Design a Model to Explain the Impact of the Open Business […]

Evaluation of Faculty of Islamic Azad University of Lahijan Using an Integrated Approach of BSC and TOPSIS

Abstract Quantitative expansion of universities, the abundance of diverse educational institutions, increasing the number of students, and sometimes the large number of educated unemployed are among many challenges that Iran’s higher education system is faced with. University work as a non-profit organization that has a special mission and goals. And like any other organization requires […]

The Role Of Nongovernmental Organizations In Regulating The Market Through Economic Regulatory

Abstract Past decade witnessed remarkable mitigation in direct role of government in development procedure execution. The world is experiencing a new belief on market forces and nongovernmental sections. Such transfer has provided more desired opportunities for NGOs to move the market and to foster free trading. Such transfer is supported by plans to regulate and […]

A Survey of the Relationship Between Differentiation and Coping Strategies in Mothers of Children with Autism)

Abstract Aim: Regarding the existence of more coping problems in mothers of children with autism and the effect of differentiation on coping strategies, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between coping strategies and differentiation in mothers of children with autism. Methodology: Research was done by correlation coefficient. Research society includes all mothers with autism […]

The Relation of Family Performance and Matrimony Intimacy With The Amount of Using of Satellite Networks

Abstract Ground and purpose: Using of some satellite networks doesn’t conform to the Iranian culture and society. Because, many programs broadcasted through satellite have negative effect on the family performance especially young couples in some cases, it causes the matrimony life to face with problem, so that sometimes takes the couples up to the verge […]