Studying the effect of drought stress on yield and physiological characteristics in genotypes of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Abstract In order to study the effect of deficit irrigation on some physiological traits of genotypes of canola, a pot experiment was conducted in 2015-2016 in Fars province (Rostam). The pot experiment was examined in a factorial experiment form in a completely randomized design with three replications. The factors to be studied include 20 canola […]

Studying the Effect of Auditor Reputation, Corporate Size, Financial Leverage, and Operating Cash Flows on Absolute Value of Discretionary Accruals in Listed Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange: Use of adjusted Jones Model

Abstract This papers aims at studying the relationship between auditor’s reputation, corporate size, financial leverage, and operating cash flows and absolute value of discretionary accruals of listed companies in the Tehran stock exchange by using adjusted Jones model. Descriptive correlational method is employed to study the status quo. To do so, information gathered from 138 […]

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Support of Specific Victim

Abstract Failing monopoly approaches in fighting with social deviations and crime prevention has caused that governments adopt participatory approaches in their criminal policies in nearly current half century, especially preventing crime. This approach, which is called “participatory criminal policy”, means participating people at different stages of the criminal justice system. Non-governmental organization (NGO) is one […]

The Effect of Hope-based Group Therapy on the Cancer Patients` Quality of Life Based on Snyder’s Hope Theory

Abstract Background and purposes: Cancer is a chronic disorder which extremely affects the individuals` health and quality of life. Cancer patients lose their independence and ability to be effectively present in family and community and fell lack of competence and confidence. The present study aims at analyzing the effect of hope-based group therapy on the […]

Investigation of the relationship between performance appraisal criteria, agency costs and dividend policy in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

Abstract The issue of massive conflict of interests between owners and managers has been arisen after the advent of large companies and the great topic of separation of ownership from management. The main objective of the present study is to investigate the relationship between performance appraisal criteria, agency costs and dividend policy in companies listed […]

Evaluating Relationship between Managers Narcissism and Administrative Offence in Administrative Agencies of Kerman City

Abstract This study was conducted in order to evaluate the relation between manager, s narcissism and administrative offence in administrative agencies of Kerman city. The research method was descriptive – correlational. The Statistical population included total employee (67240 individuals), managers and their assistants (134 individuals) in administrative agencies existed in Kerman. According to Morgan table, […]