The Survey of Victim of Crime’s Position in incarceration alternative penalties according to the punishment law approved in 2014

Abstract The judicial and administrative processes accountability to the needs of the victims of crime and the possibility for getting them participated in the decision-making regarding a lawsuit have caused considerable debates in many of the legal systems. Considering the challenges and the problems the victims of crimes are faced with in the penal process […]

Investigate the effects of distributed generation units in power grid- Case study of power grid Kahnooj –Kerman

Abstract Protection systems play a vital role in the safety, stability and reliability of the electricity system and prevent starting or expanding damages caused by various errors. The proper and selective functioning of protection system reduces the level off because it isolates the minimum area for troubleshooting from network and this keeps electrification continuity to […]

Relationship between Religious Attitudes and Organization-Based Self-Esteem among Executive Agencies Staff in Khash city

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between religious attitudes and organization-based self-esteem among executive agency staff in Khash city in 2015. The population of the study consisted of all 1717 government employees working in executive agencies in Khash city, of whom 355 employees were selected as the sample size. The research […]

The effects of eight weeks of strengthening exercises in the water on pain, range of motion and muscle strength in postmenopausal women with Osteoarthritis of the knee

Introduction Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common disease and one of the most important cause of pain and disability in the elderly, which is associated with the myasthenia, especially the weakness of quadriceps. In a number of studies, muscle weakness have been introduced as an etiologic factor of osteoarthritis of the knee (Behzadi, 2012). […]

The Comparative Study on Rights of Literary and Intellectual Authors in the Iranian and French Law

Abstract In the present century, intellectual properties due to increasingly growth of technology and the more communication of nations and cultural approach have a considerable importance.  The introduction of computer to the human life and its important role in all aspect of society caused to raise many fears and hopes. The unauthorized duplication of software […]

Weibull and Lognormal renewal distributions

Abstract In the present paper, the process model with trend-renewal process (TRP) in repairable systems with multiple failure modes were studied using Weibull and log-normal renewal distributions in the case of a power law trend function. Estimations under competing risk were obtained by simulating parameters likelihood estimation and coverage probability. Moreover, we reported the asymptotic […]

The relationship of the role of sports media and team identity with fans’ loyalty of Sepahan Esfahan F.C. based on demographic characteristics

Abstract The present study aimed to investigate the relationship of the role of sports media and team identity with fans’ loyalty of Sepahan Esfahan F.C. based on demographic characteristics. This is an applied research in terms of purpose, correlational in terms of nature and survey in terms of data collection. The population consisted of Sepehan […]