The Investigation of Training on the Job Satisfaction of Employees of National Company Telecommunications of South Oil Places in Ahwaz

Author Name(s): Vahid Reza Mirabi, Akbar Gharacheh
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Access to organization purposes depends on staff ability in fulfilling duties and adapting with changeable environment. Applying education and optimizing manpower cause them to continue their activities proportional to organizational changes and environment and increase their productivity. In addition, the most important characteristic of today’s organizations is alternation. We would be sacrificed in such a complex and variable environment if we would not be able to concurrent our organization, managers and staff with these changes.Then, need to organizational learning is necessary in all organization levels. So, this study examines the effect of education on staff job contentment (field study is telecommunication staff at NISOC in Ahwaz). The study has a practical purpose and descriptive- scaling method. Sample population is NISOC telecommunication staff in Ahwaz who was 150 people that 108 of them were randomly chosen by Morgan table and questionnaire was distributed among them.As the results show SIG amount of test about independent variable in order for in service educations, arrival educations, educate through conducting conferences and seminars , educate through web and social networks is 0,000.As, SIG amount is less than meaningful level five percent (a=. /50) so one can say that hypothesis 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 can be confirmed with 95 percent certainty that means there is a meaningful relationship between these variables because the correlation amount computed in these five variable is positive and there is a direct relationship between variablesSo, five hypnosis above are effective on job contentment of NISOC telecommunication staff in Ahead.


Managers strategic thought, systematic attitude, concentration on purpose, progress through hypothesis, intelligent opportunism, time thought, Hadishahr municipality.


Organizational development and change and increasing growth of technology caused man enrich his knowledge, skill and information for rationally facing complexities and effective management of organization. From other side, currently, more than any time, survival of organizations hinges on trade-off between work administrative practices in organization with beyond-organizational changes and innovations.

This especially makes sense at commercial industries and organizations, because failure to using new technology in organization suggests losing business market and clients and consequently organization waning away (Fathi Vajargah, 2004).

Educational planning for increasing three levels of skills of mangers is one of prominent solutions for success of managers for their duties and examining the needs is an inseparable part of educational planning. Satisfied and motivated human resources play a significant contribution in policies of plans. Understanding the amount of job satisfaction of employees can help managers in improvement of HR productivity. Factors of job satisfaction in any organization can vary according to its conditions (Kaye, 2004).

Any organization needs trained and expert employees that are one of the most effective factors in socioeconomic and cultural development so that it fulfills its mission (Ebrahimipour, 2012). If the employees ability of the organization live up to this need, there no need to training, yet if organization employees fail to have the required and appropriate knowledge, information and skills, they impose many financial and administrative problems to organization. Since the technology is progressing with all the haste (Judith et al, 2012), therefore specialized and expert personal also needs training a short while after their recruitment. Many senior managers of organization claim that their HR represent an actual capital in their organization, however, through a simple study, one can notice that they are not so adherent to their belief, as if we consider meeting the emotional, financial and communicational needs of HR as the keystone of human resource management (HRM) at organization, we would notice that for example one fails to pay attention to some fundamental needs of employees at organizational level such as: employee satisfaction which represent one of success secrets of organization in present-day hasty world (Cassidy BS, 2009).

HR training is a profitable investment, which its outcome is essential, and one should pay attention to it in organization in a continuous manner, because training is a rational and proper way to guide personnel efforts in organization and gives rise to drawing on the hidden talents and turning the wheel of imagination and establishing thinking flexibility in personnel (Mahmoudi, 2013). Therefore, study on the effect of training on Job satisfaction of employees is necessary more than any time.

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