Engineering Ethics with Emphasis on Ethical Identity

Author Name(s): *Davood Baradaran Tavakoli, Bahareh Torkashvan
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Need to ethics and adhere, is necessity and undeniable, in any profession. Also to solve problems and moral nodes, need to correct and desired understanding of ethics. Engineering as a profession should be subject to the rules and ethical standards, because the development of professional ethical principles is utmost importance in relationship with others. If the subject of professional ethics is how members of a profession should, or should not, affect others in the course of practicing their profession, then engineering ethics is an essential aspect of engineering itself and education in professional responsibilities should be part of professional education in engineering.

The present study is an analytical–descriptive research that relies on library studies and uses a logical argument in order to analyze, and aimsو identify and understand the ethical concepts of engineering. Results indicate that there is a profound relationship between ethics engineering and individual ethics which is originating from the culture of the society, So that any aspect of engineering ethics is based on the cultural backing


Engineering Ethics, Professional ethics, Individual ethics, Ethical culture


Engineering ethics is professional ethics, as opposed to personal morality. It sets the standards for professional practice, and is only learned in a professional school or in professional practice. It is an essential part of professional education because it helps students deal with issues they will face in professional practice. Engineering ethics can be taught in a free-standing course, but there are strong arguments for introducing ethics in technical courses as well (1).

Engineering practical done by the engineers and have profound effects on others and their life. Because engineers create products such as food, shelter, energy, communications, health and improve

Protection against natural disasters and increase welfare and beauty of our daily lives (3). And Engineers should have moral obligation to keeping the highest safety, welfare, health and safety and economic efficiency and be equipped with tools until be able grapple with difficult ethical problems that are encountered (4). Because an engineer with the engineering ethics in addition to knowledge and creativity, can arrange welfare for himself and society and more respect to health and safety of society, save in resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution and finally arrange the joy and peace for themselves and society(5).

A significant portion of time and human activities paid to career and dedicated profession and in the meantime, the engineering profession has a role of essential in living spaces and human activity. In where ever, you are in spatial that designed by environmental engineers and architects. And what is your opinion and view is product of endeavors their professional experience and career and definitely not only change and interpretation in the production of ethical funds, but their underlie behavior and action that can be ethical assessment.


The need for ethics and abide by rules And according to the standard, in addition to the funds Code of Ethics and civil rights of every individual is necessary in work as a professional. Laws and ethical standards in every society expresses cultural patterns and social structure of the community and based on the individual’s lifestyle (family organization) And the method of educating of standards to the next generation is due to the type of culture and society. Engineering ethics education be transferred by parents (who are engineers) or specialist schools for Students. But to fact, the training and transfer of engineering ethics standards relied on personal morality and individual ethics subtype of type culture that that arises from the society. Of course, aspects such as family structure, lifestyle, values, policies, etc., are considered to part of the culture. In the end the authors believes that the below moral aspect with attention of Iranian culture and pay attention to patterns and rules of life by traditions could be used as the moral aspect of engineering in Iran.

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